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I'm Cath Kelly and I make incredible willow sculptures, as seen on the Make It At Market TV series. Get in touch if you'd like to commission your own piece.

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My Story

My name is Cath Kelly and I live in deepest, darkest Cheshire with my daughter and our little dog.

I've long admired willow sculptures for their rustic natural charm, and the fact they are made from a completely sustainable material.

I never had the time or money to have a dabble with willow, though, until the world shut down with Covid. Fortuitously, my lovely Mum had given me £100 as a birthday present with strict instructions to spend it on myself.


So, after a little bit of research on the ever-useful YouTube, my first batch of willow was delivered. You can only imagine my excitement!

After a bit of experimenting, I started making animals and ethereal characters to amuse the Grandchildren, as well as to give as presents to family and friends.

Then, I made a full-sized unicorn and posted a picture on a willow orientated Web page. I was surprised at the positive response!


I also got a message from a TV researcher, asking if I be interested in applying for a new program; "Make it at Market ".

Since then, I've been very busy making - willow is everywhere! I've even got some soaking in the bath (not appreciated by teenagers!). I'm looking forward to a sustainable and productive future! 

I regularly update my Instagram page, and I can be contacted through there, or here on my website, should you wish to discuss anything further, or a Commission. 

Size and subject are not a problem!

Speak to you soon, 

Cath Kelly

Willow weave rabbit
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